Cold But Beautiful Morning

Saturday morning started off with a beautiful sunrise. The view only lasted for a few minutes but watching it was well worth the extra time it took to get headed to the lake.

Beautiful Sunrise.jpg
Beautiful Early Spring Sunrise

I’m fortunate that I live only a short drive away from Ada Hayden Heritage Park. The park has one of the largest variety of bird species that I’ve found in the area. I went out specifically looking for a Great Blue Heron that I’d seen in flight several times over the last week. Didn’t find that bird but was lucky enough to find several good subjects.

This song sparrow was singing non stop and really seem to be enjoying the great weather, weather that only lasted about a half an hour before turning cold and very windy.

Song Sparrow.jpg
Song Sparrow Greets The Morning

The clouds rolled in and destroyed the good light. But once about every 15-20 minutes the clouds would break just enough to keep me from hanging it up and heading home. I’d spent about an hour trying to hide from the wind behind some willows and was at the right place at the right time when the clouds broke again and did a great job of lighting up this Horned Grebe. I captured a few photos and headed the ½ mile back to my truck. Chilled to the bone I called it a day.

Horned Grebe at Sunrise
Horned Grebe at Sunrise

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