Mojave Desert In July

No one ever accused me of being the smartest guy in the world. Going to the Mojave Desert in the middle of July quite possibly proves them true. That aside, it is one of the most beautiful places I’ve been and I recommend visiting regardless of the time of year.

Mojave Roads

It was already 104º F at 7:00 in the morning when this picture was taken.  I was hiking on the famous Kelso Dunes and look to the east just in time to see multiple lightening strikes on the Providence Mountain Range.

Thunderstorm Over Providence Mountains
Thunderstorm Over Providence Mountains

This picture of the Cinder Cones was taken looking north from Kelbaker Road. There is a 4WD road and a hiking path to a lava tube in this area. With the temperature at 110º F by this time, I passed on the hike.

Cinder Cones.jpg
Cinder Cones

A few miles back south to Kelso and a quick stop at the famous Kelso train station which serves as a gift shop, museum, and Park Ranger station. I think the old post office across the street is as interesting as anything else in “town”.

Old Post Office in Kelso, Mojave National Preserve
Old Post Office in Kelso

Take the time to drive north from Kelso up Cima Road. You will see as many Joshua trees there as anywhere else in the desert southwest.

Joshua Trees Along Cima Road.jpg
Joshua Trees Along Cima Road

About 1/2 way between Cima and Interstate 15, you will find the Mojave Memorial Cross. It was placed there in 1934 as a memorial to the dead of all wars. This is one of the most impactful sites I’ve every been at. The only other times I’ve experienced the same emotion is at Arlington Cemetery and Pearl Harbor. This place has an interesting and somewhat sad history behind it. Read about it at the wikipedia link below if you want to see the lack of respect some of our society has for our servicemen who have given all for us.

All Wars Memorial, Mojave National Preserve
All Wars Memorial, Mojave National Preserve

Thanks for visiting, please honor for our Veterans.



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  1. We are totally impressed with your talent for picture taking and writing. We remember when you shared some of these pictures with us earlier this month. But, and this is a big one, after reading your post with the pictures, there are no words to express… and lastly, the Mojave Memorial Cross brought tears to my (Patsy’s) eyes!

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