Good Weather for a Duck

There has been a lot of rain in the area this week again. I probably sound like a broken record in that respect. Just 20 miles south of here received over 9” of rain last night alone. In a good year the all the local fields are free from ponds. In an average year, there are a few ponds in the low spots. This year, there are ponds in most fields.

The little pond just down the road is now home to it’s second brood of ducklings this year. The first brood was 7 ducklings, this one has 11 though only 10 are visible in this photo.

A photo opportunity like this was worth stopping and I was running very early that day anyway. No excuses not to enjoy the moment.

I’m not very skilled in ID unless it is a common species and a male duck is present. If anyone knows what species these are, please let me know.

Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed. – John

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