Life since getting back from my trip to the Tetons and Yellowstone has been a challenge. Several big projects at work and a very busy personal life have limited my time to blog and to process photos taken on the trip. Thinking back on it, the trip was much more of a challenge than normal... Continue Reading →

Preening Time

We've had three straight days of rain over the holiday weekend. The good news is that it didn't slow down the hummingbird traffic in my back yard any. 

Back to Shooting Birds

I severely underexposed this and use a very short duration flash to pull the bird out of the background. Using that technique is my favorite way to get an image that has a clean dark background without doing any special post processing.

Mojave Desert In July

This is one of the most impactful sites I've every been at. The only other times I've experienced the same emotion is at Arlington Cemetery and Pearl Harbor.

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