Golden Hour

We had around 6” of rain this week at home. You might think that means the weather was terrible all week long but that wasn’t true. After the heavy storms moved through we had several days where the skies were filled with large scattered clouds, similar in looks to cotton balls. In the evening, under these sky conditions, the light tends to scatter and give everything a golden glow for a short period of time. That golden light can make some of the most common birds look quite beautiful.

The Morning Dove shown above is one of the frequent visitors to our back yard. Doves in addition to being pretty birds with a soothing call, do a great job of cleaning up the seed other wasteful birds throw on the ground.


Female Red-winged Blackbird in Golden Hour
Female Red-winged Blackbird

The female Red-winged Blackbird shown above was using a corner post of a fence as a perch to hunt dragon flies from. I like how the evening light really shows off the yellow feathers under her beak.

Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed. –  John

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