Don’t Mess with the Nest

There is a long of things in life that shouldn’t be messed with and from a mother bird’s perspective I imagine a nest is number one on that list. As long as my wife and I have lived at our current location, there has been a nest built in the spruce tree out front of our home. Every spring there is a competition between multiple birds as to who gets to nest in that tree. This year the robin pictured above won that competition. The light in her eye from the setting sun highlights the intensity she has in protecting that nest.

Baltimore Oriole Attacks a Red-Taile Hawk.
Baltimore Oriole Attacks a Red-Tailed Hawk.

A short distance from my home I witnessed another example of a bird protecting their nest. At the time that I captured the image above, I was actually out scouting for a pair of owls that I knew were in the area. I didn’t see the nest this Oriole’s was protecting but I’m certain it was somewhere in the canopy of this large ash tree. The Oriole continuously dove at the hawk over about a ten minute period until the hawk finally flew off.

This week was very busy and didn’t allow me to spend as much time out with my camera as I like. Fortunately there are multiple good locations, full of wildlife within several miles of my home and I can always make the best use of what time I have.

Hope you enjoyed the images, thanks for visiting.


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