Take Time to Look Under the Surface



Just like many things in life, what you see of the surface may not be the best indication of what lies beneath. Take for instance the little pond I was photographing at the other evening. Several years ago a fair portion of it was a grassy area with a large depression in it. This was a favorite spot for deer to bed down in. Now it’s become a favorite spot of nesting water foul.

Beaver Lodge.jpg
Beaver Lodge

A large beaver colony is responsible for the increased size of the pond and along with that the significant reduction in the number of trees around its perimeter.

This spring there are a large number of coots nesting here and a small dam is a great spot to watch them as the move between the upper and lower pools. When in the water coots are generally pretty plain looking with the exception of their beautiful deep red eyes.

American Coot Crossing Dam.jpg
Coot Crossing Beaver Dam

Spend a little time watching and eventually you’ll get to see anything but plain.

Crazy Coot Feet.jpg
Coot Feet

You can choose to call them ugly, maybe weird, maybe something that belongs in Jurassic Park. I happen to think their feet are at least very interesting and very different from any other bird I’ve ever photographed.

This is just one simple example that if all you ever did was look at the surface, you’d never experience any of the best parts. This holds true for books, coots, and most importantly the people that surround you every day.

Thanks for visiting, hope you enjoyed.



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